PFC Fitness Camp

Think. Eat. Move. Yes, you!… Ok, me.

As bikini season winds down, my healthier life is just beginning. In 55 years around the sun, I’ve rarely missed an occasion to celebrate an occasion, and the bon temps have started to take their toll. So, at the beginning of August, like many young people across the land, I packed myself off to camp. Okay, my camp had air conditioning, luxurious private rooms, and an award-winning spa, but I can assure you I had my you-know-what kicked.

Focusing on three areas: thinking, eating and moving, the expert trainers at PFC help us be not only healthier but happier.

While this column has previously focused on individuals making a difference, this month we’re breaking with tradition and awarding the TDG Impact Star to an organization, Premier Fitness Camp (PFC) as I can personally attest to its powerful impact. Located within the Omni La Costa Resort in Carlsbad, California, PFC has trained almost 4,000 campers in seven years. Focusing on three areas: thinking, eating and moving, the expert trainers at PFC help us be not only healthier but happier.

Sam and Jason cooking up something delicious.

The workouts are varied and interspersed with lectures led by a panel of experts including a published psychologist, a nutritionist, and an exercise physiology professor. Every meal and snack is prepared for us by Chefs Jason, Jackie and Sam, who are probably the most popular staff members for obvious reasons!

The campers during my four weeks at PFC had diverse backgrounds, with some coming from as far away as London, Paris, Cairo and Saudi Arabia. We ranged in age from 11 to 75. Some of us were already amazingly fit, while others walked with canes and carried 200 extra pounds. Many of us chose to extend our original stay, a significant financial, emotional and physical commitment but well worth the extra boost to our long-term health and fitness. Several campers were in their teens and twenties, encouraged by parents to learn effective ways to reverse unhealthy behaviors. One mother took out a loan to pay for the program so that her daughter could begin university with better habits.

PFC provided the glasses!

During our stay, we are measured and weighed, our blood is analyzed, our resting metabolic rate is calculated, we are challenged to identify healthier options at our favorite restaurants and we are taken shopping for spices and sneakers. We begin to understand the complicated mechanics of the metabolic machine we call our body. But we also play tennis, basketball and beach volleyball. We box, Zumba and TRX. We push and we pull. We watch eclipses.

Fun Facts about PFC:
  • 85% of clients who stay four weeks or longer maintained or increased their muscle mass
  • UC San Diego conducted case study proving that PFC’s program increases metabolism and sustains weight loss
  • Roughly 35% of PFC campers are return clients
  • 34% of PFC’s clients come from outside the US
Fun Facts About CJD (that’s me):

I lost 22 pounds

I shed 17.5 inches.

My cholesterol dropped
from 216 to 136.

My LDL (the bad one) moved
from 138 to 72.

More importantly even than those stats are the new attitude I’ve adopted and the friends I’ve made. I thank my fellow campers for their enthusiasm and support. I toast the entire team at PFC for repositioning my thinking, improving my eating and getting my rear end moving. If you want to experience the PFC treatment, mention The Dubrof Group when booking your 2017 stay and you will receive a $500 per week discount. Come join me when I return to camp on December 17. Who knows, perhaps I’ll be sporting that bikini next year!