Career Transition Boot Camp

For select individuals seeking to supercharge a career transition, position themselves for advancement within their current employer or market themselves for board service, TDG offers a six to eight week Career Transition Boot Camp (CTBC). This one-on-one consulting program is tailored to each participant’s strengths, goals and opportunities. Candidates are empowered to both recognize and utilize their capabilities to differentiate themselves from the competition.

At the conclusion of the CTBC, participants are in superior shape to conduct interviews and network effectively. They graduate from the Boot Camp with a professional resume, a compelling elevator pitch and a crisp career narrative. Their digital presence is reviewed and edited to reflect their positioning. Additionally, participants gain a clear sense of their abilities and what makes them attractive to an employer or board with well practiced responses to multiple interview questions.  Most importantly, each participant has a marketing plan tailored to his/her specific talent and needs.

A typical six-week session unfolds as follows (note each participant’s Boot Camp will be customized to his requirements):

Session One: The participant presents his or her career history, and we delve into a previously completed questionnaire. TDG will provide coaching and direction on how to make the narrative crisper. Together we will identify strengths, weaknesses and areas to focus in the professional narrative.
Session Two: The participant presents the professional narrative rehearsed in the first session.  After the presentation, TDG provides coaching and direction on how to make it even more polished. Together we identify strengths, weaknesses and areas to highlight in the the resume.
Session Three: We review and edit the draft version of the resume and begin to structure the marketing campaign.
Session Four: We finalize the resume and formalize the marketing targets. We draft cover letters for 2-3 opportunities identified.
Session Five: We rehearse the elevator pitch and review the participant’s digital presence to ensure it supports his or her professional image and goals. We conduct mock interviews based on the opportunities identified in the previous session.
Session Six: We conduct more in-depth interviews, finalize the elevator pitch and the longer professional narrative. We review progress and ensure all goals were met.

The eight-week course will have two additional sessions focused on marketing the candidate to employers/boards.