The Dubrof Group invests a significant amount of time to learn the intricacies, nuances, challenges and opportunities of each client. In advance of marketing the role, we thoroughly scope the position’s requirements, testing our client’s expectations and strategic goals. We establish a partnership of trust and candor where together we are fully committed to a successful process. With the client we design a compelling and precisely accurate position description that is used to market the search.

The next stages of the process include:

  • Creating a search strategy that identifies the organizations to target and the sites on which to post.
  • Identifying, screening and evaluating candidates.
  • Generating a short list of the most promising individuals for the client to interview.
  • Interviewing each short-listed candidate in person.
  • Preparing candidates before their meeting with our client.

For each person seen by our client, we will provide a Candidate Report that includes a thorough written assessment, education verification, resume and a writing sample. For finalists, we conduct tailored reference checks addressing areas of interest or concerns identified during the interviews.  We will facilitate the offer process, working with both our client and the candidate to ensure smooth communications. Finally, we will advise on the transition of the executive into the role.  Then we will celebrate with gusto.